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Newton Holistic Healing is closed for business from Monday 4/03/24 due to other work commitments therefore my electronic diary will no longer take bookings from this date.

However, this website will transition and become Newton School of Reiki. If you are interested in learning reiki, please click here to read more and get in-touch.

Newton le Willows Reflexology Practitioner

Welcome To
Newton Holistic Healing

Hi my name is Alison and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner based in Newton le Willows, Merseyside offering Reiki, Hot Stone Reflexology, Standard Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

In 2015 I had my palm read and was told that I was a natural healer and that I should take up Reiki. Since then I have become a Master in Reiki (Level 3) and have developed my skills further to incorporate crystal healing to unblock chakras together with aura clearing.

Aura clearing is a technique used to remove deep rooted negative blocks which cause problems and slow down a persons spiritual progress. These blocks are often the root cause of disease and if they are repressed or ignored they can cause severe illness or cause great worry and instability.

After receiving a distinction in Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology and Indian Head Massage my experience has progressed to using essential oils in handmade products and understanding the many holistic health benefits they can bring to your wellness and wellbeing.

'Just For You' Gift Vouchers Available

Struggling to find a suitable gift for your friends and loved ones?

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Did you know gift vouchers are now available from Newton Holistic Healing to purchase directly.

Please contact me with your choice and after payment a 'Just For You' gift voucher will be emailed to you directly.

Newton Holistic Healing Gift Vouchers

What Gift Vouchers Can I Purchase?

£15 Voucher - Indian Head Massage Session*
£15 Voucher - Reiki Session*
£15 Voucher - Reflexology Session*

£20 Voucher - Reflexology with Crystal Healing* £20 Voucher - Hot Stone Reflexology*

£25 Voucher - Hot Stone Reflexology with Crystal Healing*

£30 Voucher - Reflexology Session*
£30 Voucher - Reiki with Crystal Healing Session*

£35 Voucher - Hot Stone Reflexology*

£40 Voucher - Hot Stone Reflexology with Crystal Healing*

£54 Voucher - Package for Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Session*

£60 Voucher - Package Reiki Hot Stone Reflexology and Indian Head Massage*

*All our gift vouchers can be redeemed up to 4 months from date of purchase.

To order a 'Just For You' gift voucher, simply email:

The Bottled Bliss Company
Handmade Reed Diffusers

Did you know we have a sister business called The Bottled Bliss Company where we create carefully crafted fragrances for your home? Our handmade reed diffusers last longer than candles, while the lack of flame makes them safer. It also helps to impact the overall ambience of any room in your home and improve your wellbeing. We ensure our reed diffusers are beautifully designed and have a premium feel with options designed to suit your home environment and décor.

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The Bottled Bliss Company - Take Me To The Beach Reed Diffuser

Trusted Member of the
Federation of Holistic Therapists

Newton Holistic Healing Federation of Holistic Therapists Member

Make Time For You

People say to me what is that you enjoy the most in Holistic Therapy? - my answer is the joy of helping people feel relaxed and stress free which is important in this day and age. I always say make time for you - we all recharge our mobile phones but we should also make time for ourselves to recharge our batteries!

Please find below details of each of my current treatments.

Culcheth Reiki Practitioner


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and wellbeing. The NHS now recognises Reiki.

Haydock Reflexology Practitioner


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Culcheth Reiki Practitioner

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, back, arms and shoulders.

Hot Stone Reflexology in Newton le Willows

Hot Stone Reflexology

The health benefits includes: better circulation, eliminates toxins from your body, reduces muscle tension, de-stresses and promotes relaxation.

Crystal Healing in Netwon le Willows

Crystal Healing

It is said that simply by holding a crystal or placing it upon yourself, you can promote physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

Essential Oil Apothecary

Essential Oil Apothecary

Creating bespoke handmade products for your wellbeing using essential oils and base oil products.

Crystal Healing

All crystals emit vibrations due to their piezoelectric and pyoelectric properties which is why they are used in all sorts of everyday things, such as watches and radios. We, as living beings emit vibrations too. This can be high when stressed and low when upset.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to aromatic compounds. Essential oils have been used throughout history for centuries.

Essential Oils Newton le Willows
Essential Oil Focus On...


Lavender aids relaxation, helps with anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps

hot stones newton
Essential Oil Focus On...


Clementine purifies the mind and relieves anxiety, tension as well as stress. It also has uplifting benefits and good as a morning wake-up.

corporate reiki and reflexology practitioner
Essential Oil Focus On...


Rosemary helps relieve pain, eases stress, increases circulation, is uplifting and helps with inflammation of the joints

What My Client's Say

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“I tried both the Reflexology and Indian Head Massage with Alison and both were wonderful and very relaxing.

I will definitely be booking again soon and would definitely recommend using Alison!”

— G Kelshaw
reflexology newton le willows recommendation

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“Alison is amazing at what she does. Having had her for a family wedding and my own, Alison leaves a calming auora wherever she is. Living 4 hours away, and following a really rough time, Alison offered to do some Reiki and distance healing. Having spent most of my time suffering a bereavement and unable to stop my tears and clear my head, I asked her for distance healing. I can honestly say, by the end of it I had managed to calm down, stop crying and felt an instant release. My head didn't feel so full and I felt so much calmer. I would absolutely recommend Alison to anyone. Its just a shame I live so far away or I would be her model all the time!”

— R. Craig
reiki newton

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“I received reflexology from Alison on Saturday.. wow! I was thoroughly relaxed and Alison explained in detail how certain points were affecting the rest of my body. What a wonderful experience, so much so I’ve rebooked first other treatments and can’t wait.

Definitely recommend. Thank you Alison, you lovely lady.”

— K. Bloor
indian head massage newton le willows

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“Had a lovely reflexology session today, Alison is warm and welcoming and I left feeling very relaxed and amazing will certainly book again.”

— T. Abraham
reiki practicioner based in Newton le Willows

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“I had reflexology today with Alison & I thought it was amazing. Alison could tell which parts of my body that I have problems with. I could feel tension in areas that she pressed on my feet where I have problems with; as she was saying this is my neck & my back etc, my foot was like a map of the body. I now have more movement in my neck. I believe she has healing hands. I found this treatment very relaxing & I felt a lot calmer afterwards. My boyfriend had it done too & he loved it. We will definitely be rebooking.”

— T. Walker
wellbeing studio based in newton le willows

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“I had my first ever Reiki session today and really enjoyed it. It was a lovely and calming experience and the treatment was tranquil and relaxing - at the end I didn't want to get up.

I would definitely recommend Alison and her therapy.”

— K. Warburton
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“If you are feeling stressed or out of sorts then you need to visit Alison at Holistic Healing.

I went in feeling stressed and with a few aches and pains, particularly in my back after some heavy gardening at weekend, and I literally floated out of there and stood upright for the first time in 2 days thanks to Alisons Reflexology session.

I've booked a course of Reflexology and can't wait for next week.

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, take some time out with Alison to look after yourself!”

— E. Hatch
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“I can’t recommend Alison highly enough. Today was the first time I’ve ever tried reflexology. Alison was lovely and friendly and welcoming and told me all about it to put me at ease and then began the treatment. I’ve never felt so relaxed! It was absolutely amazing and Alison shared lots of interesting information with me during the treatment about things she could feel about my body just through touching my feet. Her treatment room is so cosy and relaxing. Everyone should try this! Ive booked in for 6 more session.”

— K. Boland
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“Wow! Currently on cloud 9 after my first reflexology session with Alison. I had reflexology over five years ago and although it was good, was not a patch on this session. I was told all about the points being touched and what it connects to. Alison has a lovely touch take this as gospal as I hate feet and mine being touched but reflexology is not about tickling your feet. So if you have never tried for this reason forget all you think and give it a go. Will be back very soon to have more 'me' time. Thank you Alison.”

— K. Garth
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“Today I had one of the best experiences. I had an Indian Head Massage and felt sooooooo weightless and tranquil which is a miracle as I haven't fully relaxed in forever. I have also had some Reiki done involving crystal healing and was literally in tears at the end. I had such a beautiful, moving and accurate response to the Reiki. Alison you are magical. Thank you so much.”

— D. Skelding
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“First time seeing Alison today, went for an Indian Head Massage and she performed some Reiki as well. It felt like I was sleeping..... but knew everything that was going on, came round feeling like the 'lights were on but nobody was home'. A couple of hours later and I was totally 'zen' still feeling it now knowing that I will definetly sleep tonight. Looking forward to my next session.”

— S. Fielding
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

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“Had a lovely Reflexology session tonight, very calm very relaxing. Alison makes you feel very welcome and explains everything. Feel more relaxed than I have done for ages, will be booking more.”

— J. Stewart
reflexology practicioner newton le willows

To view more testimonials from my clients, please visit my